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6 Designer-Approved Global Style Trends

Image via Unsplash


Our trend specialist and interior designer, Philippa Radon, keeps her hand on the pulse of style trends across the globe. Her British heritage profoundly influences her European aesthetic, while her East and West coast US offices keep her dialed into the trends across the country.

“I’m seeing design styles that reflect a more multicultural perspective, with an intention toward mindfulness and sprinkled with a hint of modernity. Shapes that are natural, fluid, and grounding. Colors and textures evoke warmth and comfort. Spaces become personal havens that reflect and express our diverse personalities, our collections, and interests and bind together our prized belongings, the old and the new."   

Here are the top 6 trends that she finds most approachable:

1. Celebrating the Outdoors with Friluftsliv

Image via Tatler

No, that's not a typo. Think of the Norwegian “hygge” concept but in a more “al fresco” setting. The design aesthetic is driven by outdoor life and highlights fresh air, nature, and a sense of adventure. Like hygge, it covets materials and patterns that connect you to the natural world a concept we are seeing in all design and trend categories. “Integrating nature into your home can benefit you in many ways, including helping to reduce stress while also making outdoor living comfortable year-round,” says Radon.

2. Wood Meets Color

Image via Nadinestay.com

The integration of wood on walls — specifically reclaimed wood, which is more durable and sustainable adds interest, texture, and natural warmth. When wood occupies an entire wall, or even a portion of it, it lends itself to experimenting more with color on the surrounding areas. 

3. A Natural Recipe ​​

Image via https granddesignsmagazine.com

Whether you’re a traditionalist or modern minimalist, sustainable materials in the kitchen adds true, natural color, a sense of warmth, and instant style. Flat-panel cabinet doors, combined with elements like metal, wood, and stone give ultra-modern environments a sense of comfort and pattern, offering a striking beauty that can take your space to an artistic new level. 

4. Artisanal Accents

As we start to migrate into a new season, there is still plenty of time to explore the introductions of artisanal, handcrafted pieces. The skill of this design format lies in the careful selection of rich, warm colors, raw textures, and fluid shapes that bring contrast and artistic sensibility to each piece. In addition, it highlights talented artisans and small businesses who are dedicated to their craft. Modern Nordic vase available on Etsy.

5. Soothing Color Palettes

Color has always been the easiest way to update interiors and exteriors, while also having a significant impact on your psyche. "There is a movement toward more organic colors," according to Radon. “Just because they are more organic in nature, not all of them are soft. Think imposing grey-greens, stormy skies, and turbulent murky waters.”


To maximize the effects of paint color, there are significant benefits to using a full-spectrum paint color. It reflects the full range of natural light, even for bold or deep tones. The finely ground pigments and multiple colorants in it (and no black to oversaturated it) allows for beautiful, dynamic interaction and a harmonious atmosphere. View our Feature Color for 2022 here!

6. Mindful Buying

Learning to be more deliberate in your purchases is a trend that’s increasingly relevant. This applies to any category, including design and fashion. Instead of shopping without an intention, consumers are pre-meditating their purchases and categorizing them into “wants” and “needs.” It’s a lifestyle shift that is replacing the urge for fast, short-term goods.

“Knowing the source and how things affect us at large is becoming a key component in consumer purchasing. Many people are looking for reclaimed, sustainable materials and vintage or investment pieces to add a personal touch,” says Radon. 

You don't have to travel the world to bring global style into your home with these key designer tips!

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