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Desert Sands Collection: Soothing Colors to Satiate the Soul

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Warm colors and earthy shades like dusty rose, rich browns, and muted oranges provide an infusion of chic and subdued color. In our efforts to unplug from an overly scheduled world, these palettes awaken our senses, ground us and provide a way to transport ourselves to faraway environments.

When I think of desert colors, I immediately think of the Aboriginal heritage and art like that of Katherine Marshall Nakamarra. Or Freida Kahlo, who was greatly influenced by the desert-scapes. It inspires me to introduce and explore the desert palette on a broader level with all of the subtle nuances and tones, the muted earthy colours, and the brighter bursts found in this more barren landscape. - Philippa Radon

Inspiration from the desert-scape comes in many forms: the soft, muted greens of indigenous plants; the inspiring tones of the sunset; sand bleached white quartz sands; hazy heatwaves, vast horizons, and vivid red clay desert-scapes…

These soaring desert temperatures play an essential role in keeping the mood calm and quieter. As the pace slows, design tends to be more minimal with textures and fabrics that breathe.

Desert colors in their lightest form are ideal for their earthy nature, giving them a natural versatility. 

Paired with bold, unexpected hues, they can achieve a modern, unique look, or you can keep it calm and classic to harken the soulful beauty of the desert landscape. 

Punchy Tribal Patterns

Channel southwest style with timeless patterns and vibrant colors

Monochromatic Magic

Terracottas like Berry Brown or Tofino create an earthy yet contemporary backdrop

Quiet dusty shades harken the expansive and unquestioning terrain of the desert.

Sahara Sunset 

Granada Shams from Serena and Lilly

Integrate the dynamic blues and yellows to brighten your room - and your day

Muted Shades

Pick your own color combinations at bedthreads.com

Subdued colors are perfect for the bedroom and can be mixed and matched for cool color pairings.

Earthy + Contemporary

Modern accents via Lekkerhome.com

Pairing earthy, natural colors with modern and unexpected elements creates a balance that feels less trendy and more timeless. 

Bleached Out 

via Lekkerhome.com

Natural colors that feel sun-drenched are the epitome of relaxed luxury.

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