6 Easy (and Inexpensive) Ways to add a Designer Touch to Your Kitchen

You don't have to be an interior designer to create a magazine-worthy kitchen. These easy updates can help give your space a professional touch, while also boosting its productivity and style. 

1. Coffee Corner 

Image via afabulousfete.com

Be your own barista! Create a station for coffee and tea with all the fixins. Not only does it create a cool vignette, it's a constant reminder to experiment with new brands and methods. Setting up a corner with your favorite morning rituals makes waking up something to look forward to!

Our current favorite coffee brand is Peets for its delicious flavor and clean, organic ingredients. We also just tried MUD/WTR, a superfood coffee alternative, and the jury is still out. Have you tried it?

If you're a tea person looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, check out this easy matcha latte recipe (note: you can sub the matcha for regular green tea)!

2. Light it Up


Nothing adds instant style like lighting -- and there are so many cool options to take your design to the next level. We are loving these show-stopping pendant lights from Ballard and how they paired them with these olive green cabinets. Try one of our favorite greens, C2 Topiary C2-646 in C2 Cabinet & Trim for a beautiful, durable finish that looks like traditional oil - without the toxins. Between the quality, durability, ease of use and quick clean up, we guarantee it will be one of your go-to products! 

3. Tea Time

Image via Williams Sonoma


It might seem like a small detail, but every kitchen needs a pour-over tea kettle, especially if it has a beautiful design or adds a dash of color! We love the newer model of the Fellow Stagg EKG Electric in brass! In the words of Wing Pinero, "Where there is tea, there is hope."

4. Mixed Metals

Image via Lucia Lighting

Changing out the hardware in your kitchen can transform its look more than you might think. The finish of the moment is a soft black matte. Mixing metals is very modern, so don’t feel stuck if you pair a silver metal sink with brass, copper or other contrasting faucets.  

5. Hidden Treasures

Image via Bed, Bath and Beyond

Clearing off those countertops can help your kitchen look clean and airy. Look to your lower cabinets to perform double (or triple) duty. Attach a paper towel holder inside, house cleaning supplies, or use as extra storage for anything from paper towels to extra dinnerware. 

6. Contrasting Combos

Image via artica.com

Mixing surface materials is an art unto itself. Try combining painted cabinetry with a wood base island or painted cabinetry with open wood shelving to add dimension and personality to your kitchen. A big trend now is concrete and wood which exudes a sustainable, stylish look.

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