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Reimagining your Primary Bedroom

What’s more relaxing than hitting freshly laundered sheets at the end of a long day? We all need time to unwind, unplug and restore both mind and body, so take a moment to ensure your personal space allows you to slow down and works for you. 

Here are some easy ways to beautify your bedroom:

Calm the Room with Color

Wellspring C2-977

We all know by now that paint color is the most impactful and cost-effective way to totally transform a space. However, because color influences the general mood and emotion of the room, it’s imperative to pick a hue that’s right for you.

In general, warm colors welcome a sense of comfort and ease; dark, saturated colors embrace a sense of belonging, and soft ethereal colors offer a soothing, tranquil presence and a preferred backdrop for the bedroom. Check out our calming bedroom colors. 

Cafe Latte C2-841

Designer Philippa Radon reveals some of her favorite bedroom colors:

"Colour selections are subjective since we each respond and react to colours in different ways; but bedrooms are where we begin and end our day. That first and last colour impression influences our mood and connects us instantly to all that is familiar and meaningful.

I would recommend warmer mid-range colours, specifically in the ever-popular blue-green family—both of which are restful, soothing, and calming. Try Haddon Hall or Bel Canto; or for those more inclined to a subtle, warmer imbued neutral palette Cappuccino Froth or Archival are ideal."

(Re) make your Bed

via Brooklinen

They say if you do anything in a day, make your bed. That way, you’ve already accomplished something before it even begins! There are many ways to update its look and feel.

  • Invest in some crisp, new sheets that will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Try these from Brooklinen.
  • Update your duvet or coverlet with a new color. Or simply add a dash of color or pattern at the end of the bed with a folded quilt. In the winter, warm it up with a furry or chunky throw! 
Cuddle up with a cozy blanket
  • Plump up your pillows by adding some texture—and don’t be afraid to try new color combinations!
  • Add a bench – something about adding a bench to the end of the bed seems to complete a look while also being super functional (extra points if it has storage for blankets and pillows)!
  • If you love the layered look the professionals use, click herefor some designer tips on how to create a picture-worthy bed:

Reupholster your Headboard

Choose a favorite fabric or material to make the head of your bed a statement piece. It adds drama and presents a golden opportunity to introduce print or shapes.

Welcome Some Whimsy

Your bedroom is where you relax and dream, so why not incorporate some magic and fantasy? Here are a few ways to add that extra air of whimsy:

  • Create a custom neon sign with your own saying
  • Frame your room in fairy lights 
  • Declutter and organize the nightstand. Try adding some beautiful accent dishes for jewelry and other knick-knacks
  • Create ambiance with relaxing candles in a scent like lavender (go for flameless to play it safe!) 
  • Nod off to a cool nightlight 
  • Sip your way to good sleep. We love Sleep Wellefrom Wellco.


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