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The Bright Side: Playing with Bold Colors and Patterns

With the newfound freedom of a post-Covid world, we have seen an influx of neon and bright colors in fashion and interior design. These vibrant, energizing colors work in a wide array of settings, from traditional to modern - boldly kicking up the energy without apology. Their very presence breaks the mold of expectations and prepares one for a bright future!

Bold Colors Rocked the Runway at Balmain 2021

Fashion often influences design trends, and the use of bright colors and neon pink and yellow is everywhere! Or go for orange or lime green, both of which promote vitality.

As technology continues to reimagine textiles and furnishings in things like laser-cut fabrics, 3D-printed designs, and polycarbonate chairs, why would we not redirect our attention to new color palettes that reverberate vibrant new energy? Brands and designers are engaging customers with more experimental, interactive, and playful design, and it's also being seen in interior design.

"I always use neon as an accent statement that layers in with the broader scheme of the room. Using a matte soft white, pale silvery cool grey or even a bold ebony as the overall backdrop wall colour then bringing in the preferred neon statement." Philippa Radon, Trend Forecaster + Color Consultant


The Bright Side of Design

Here are a few ways to integrate playful, bold colors into your interiors.

1. Neon Signs  

Let the neon do the talking. From custom to quirky, they add a playful element to any room.

2. Mood Lighting

Many people turn to mood lighting to improve their state of mind, adding blue, purple, green, and other color-changing illumination to regulate sleep cycles, boost productivity, and improve mood (different colors create different psychological results). Learn more about the integration of wellness in design on our blog here:

3. Painted Furniture 

Image via homesthetics.net

Looking for a dash of bright color without the commitment? Consider painting a piece of furniture your favorite bright color. Pair with black and white, and then layer on other neon colors for a cool, creative look.

4. Bright Accessories

Image via Audenza

What’s more fun than colorful fabrics to amp up the electricity of a room? The best part? You can switch them out according to your mood! Check out some other bold, beautiful designs and accessories here

5. Paint an Accent Wall

Lemongrass C2-565

For a cool yet refreshing color, try Lemongrass, a unique blend of neon and pastel. The color’s undertones present a modern/techno vibe in a light, a multi-functional hue that highlights the impact of solid and bright colors. Paired with crisp white, it leans modern, while a pale gray creates a more mellow mood. Or try a bold pink like Tomfoolery to channel a more lively color story. 

Add a bursts of color in the interior of a closet, the backs of open shelving, or try a neon wallpaper like this Lenglen Geometric wallpaper (as seen above) to really make a statement.

For those who still prefer to play it safe, a small amount of neon can inject a healthy new lease of life into our environment. As they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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