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The Sunny Side of Yellow

During the pandemic we all experienced a myriad of emotions, from fear and worry to apprehension and anxiety -- and that’s just before breakfast! Now that the world is opening up, many of those emotions have been hard to shake. According to Psychology Today, the dominant feeling of 2021 is described as “languishing”: the void between depression and flourishing—the absence of well-being. Not functioning at full capacity. This state of deep enjoyment, creativity, and full engagement is hard to come by in a pandemic. 

As many of us head back to the office or prepare for socializing and summer vacations, it’s important to prioritize feelings of healing and happiness. Color can help. It can directly affect our well being and triggers our five senses: touch, sight, smell, sound and taste. Because our homes represent our inner selves, it’s important to ask: How do I feel in this space? Does it bring me joy and comfort? 

Thinking carefully about the emotional impact of our colours can help us to create a personal palette that provokes the emotions we want to feel. - Philippa Radon

Hello, Yellow!

This month, we explore the use of the color yellow with its myriad of tones and shades. From warm and buttery to intense and bold, yellow makes an undeniable statement.

Yellow is (and always has been) a color of some controversy: you either love it or loathe it! However, there is no denying that this color imparts feelings of friendliness, sunshine and happiness, which is why we are seeing it used recently in design. There is something undeniably appealing about the bold statement of a Canary Yellow front door that seems to say: Welcome, friends! Plus, how chic does this color look against black?


Design Tips

A Little Says A lot. 

For those still timid in the pursuit of yellow, rest assured, a small amount can go a long way to elevate your mood, without leaving you feeling overwhelmed.  

A pop of yellow adds a sunny element to this kitchen

Earth to Yellow

Gold tones don't always have to feel opulent and glitzy. For a more earthy vibe, integrate some terracotta and baked earth colors to create a more grounded feeling space. 


    Perfect Pops 

    If you don’t feel like totally committing to yellow walls, choose an accent wall or simply add a few pieces of bright yellow to an already neutral room.

      A little yellow goes a long way

      Like with any color, no matter what shade you reach for, make sure it feels authentic to you.

      Cool Color Pairings


      For creative color contrast!

      Pairing yellow with a deep tone like Espionage can add the perfect amount of contrast to really make your design shine.



      Pairing two fresh, bright colors works magically especially when tempered with some white trim work. Try combining Churchill with Yellow Submarine and accent with Architectural White


      According to color specialist Philippa Radon: "It is often the pairing of a colour that brings out its full potential. Karma, paired with the equally soft, muted green of Artichoke Heart, is a perfect example. Neither eclipses nor outshines the other, but instead forms a beautifully balanced duo." 

      YELLOW + GRAY 

      Don't feel trapped by color; instead, let it be a creative outlet to be used however you want! A color like Cornbread has the perfect amount of pop to use as an accent color and works especially well against a soft gray like Vancouver Day.



      For a cheery combination, choose varying shades of pink (accented with white) to showcase yellow. From soft blushes to hot hues, it's an unexpected, energizing dash of color!

      Click to see more C2 Paint yellows!

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