How to Incorporate the C2 Color of the Year into Your Home (Salty Brine, C2-701)

Consider the new year the perfect opportunity to evaluate what is serving you best in your life. It’s a time to mindfully measure what’s working, what’s not and how to create positive change. This exercise should also extend to your home -- the four walls in which you spend invaluable time with family, find comfort and replenish your soul.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my home bringing me joy?
  • Is my bedroom a calming and rejuvenating space?
  • Are there things I can get rid of to improve the energy?
  • Do the colors of my home truly resonate with me and align with my purpose and power?
  • Is there one project or room I can focus on that will help me create a home I love to live in?

One of the most personal and impactful choices you can make in your home is determining the overall color palette. From the walls to ceiling to trim and accents, it sets the tone for your home and speaks immeasurably about who you are. What do you want your walls to say about you? Color truly has a voice and a purpose!

Our 2020 Color of the Year, Salty Brine, is one of those colors that speak to the power of calmness, reflects the beauty of nature and is versatile enough to do just about anything! Its rich hue floats effortlessly between green and blue, giving it a unique richness and depth that can transform a room and its energy. 

As we search for global solutions that protect the environment, sustainability becomes more of a daily intention. Salty Brine’s complex undertones emit a harmonic frequency to aid in our journey for deeper meaning and purpose beyond material possessions.

According to design guide, Philippa Radon, Salty Brine is the perfect color to enrich your home. The color blue has a calming effect on our psyche while green represents harmony and nature; it’s a perfect combination.

“Salty Brine is a true chameleon colour, not just because of the high quality, lightfast pigments used, but also its ability to mold itself into so many environments. It is becoming one of my go-to ‘trigger’ colours, as it prompts the right amount of interest and can comfortably stand alone as a dominant solo player or slide into a supporting role with subtle dignity.”

Philippa’s Six Ways to Incorporate Salty Brine into your Home 

1. Color Blocking

Pair with Muddy Waters (C2-869) and En Pointe (C2-851)


Remember, you don’t have to use a single colour on an entire wall from floor to ceiling.  Try some colour blocking options using Salty Brine as a main or accent colour. Blocking does not have to be majorly geometric; for those more timid, it can be much more subtle while still maintaining its impact. 

Try Muddy Waters 869 at the base third of the wall, with Salty Brine above to the ceiling line and En Pointe 851 on the ceiling. Or, bring En Pointe diagonally across one wall to the floor for added drama.

2. That's a (Neutral) Wrap

Try Salty Brine as a full accent wall that wraps the corners by a foot or so (correct: you don’t have to end the colour in the natural corner cut off point) with Melodic (C2-990) on the remaining walls, and Mainsail (C2-996) on the ceiling. Any imposing trim would mimic the wall colour. Salty Brine with Melodic and Mainsail offers a soft, warm, new neutral chic palette that can easily transition a bedroom or living room.  

3. Dark & Moody

Pair with: Halifax (C2-711) and Cypress (C2-710)

Another option which I am most partial to is using Salty Brine as part of a darker, moodier colour group of all greens and varying textural finishes. Pairing with Halifax and Cypress brings such a warm harmony to these three saturated colours, but the overall schematic feels embracing and powerful. This is a style, however, where you have to follow through (i.e. go all-in) to achieve the full effect.  

4. A Mindful Twist on Clean & Classic 

Pair with gold bamboo pulls for extra chic. Image by Creative Tonic (@creativetonic)

And then we can, of course, always consider staying with single wall colours in a room. In this case, it’s important to note the various viewpoints of the room.  

"Viewpoints are the places you observe from within the main room of interest. They are the visible spaces beyond the boundaries of the main focus. The room you are choosing colours for, no matter its shape and size, will always have different viewpoints to consider." 

A soft white and touches of black create a clean, contemporary look. The space itself would determine exactly what goes where, but an example could be: Salty Brine on the wall of a bathroom with a black and white hex penny tile floor, and black matte bath fixtures with the Architectural White white on the ceiling. How chic would that be?! 

5. Fresh Front Door

A refreshing touch that adds personality

Another great way to showcase this beautiful colour is via your front door. Coming from the UK where we all use our front door as a unique colour opportunity to express our individuality. A soft colour like Salty Brine emits a friendly, sincere story. 

6. Colourful Kitchens & Cabinets

Soft green in the kitchen enhances the wood floors

People are most definitely bringing more color into their kitchens these days. While white kitchens are still incredibly popular, we are really seeing some colourful expressions in the heart of the home. From matte black and bold blues to more calming colors, it’s the most popular room to update -- and also the most expensive. Paint color is an easy and less expensive way to breathe new life into your kitchen. I’m seeing a lot of soft blues and greens in the kitchen and Salty Brine is the perfect mix of the two. Pair with natural elements like soapstone countertops and metal accents for a natural, polished look. 



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