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Oh, Baby! Colors for a Modern Nursery

Our love affair with color begins at birth. As parents, we pine over the perfect design for our baby's room. Do we want it calm and tranquil or colorful and engaging? Today, there are so many inspiring options and colors to help you create the perfect paradise for your little one. 

C2’s full-spectrum color palette helps take the stress out of the design and color selection process -- especially during the busy time of preparing for your new arrival. So, how do you approach finding the perfect paint color? We have a few ideas to spark your journey:

1. Connect to Color 

Choosing the right paint color is about connecting to the feeling it will bring. Most of us would agree that a baby's room should evoke emotions of love, nurturing, warmth and calm. We also know there are ways to introduce bolder colors without being too overstimulating (we'll get to that later). To start, find a color that you connect with innately by asking yourself: what am I naturally drawn to?

Remember: a key tenant to any design project and its success is to love what you live with and trust that  true style comes from within - so focus on this in your bursts of creative, nesting genius. The final design will need to serve the baby and you since you’ll both be spending so much time there.
- Philippa Radon, Color, Design & Lifestyle Specialist


2. Choose an Inspiration Piece

If committing to color straight away seems too overwhelming, select an inspirational piece to direct your color palette. Is your crib black, white, or colored? Is there a rug that has caught your eye or wallpaper you can't live without? What about a piece of art or a rocking chair in a whimsical color or pattern? Choose your inspiration piece and design around it. 

3. Consider Your Options

The design of the baby's room has evolved substantially over the years, presenting us with a wide variety of options. Spend time discovering what you connect with. Currently, we are seeing a lot of warm, neutral hues paired with natural light wood; sustainable materials, and organic patterns; classic pink and blue with a modern tone or unexpected accent color; or bold and beautiful color palettes that bring energy and celebrate new life for the more adventurous. 

Here are some of the key color trends for baby:

Natural & Neutral

From warm whites to mid tone grays, calming neutrals are creating their own niche. Pairing warmer neutrals with magical wallpaper or creative, organic patterns will create a wonderland of sophisticated charm. Try one of our sable-like earthy hues with all the natural feels like:

Filament (C2-79) or Shaker (C2-817). Keep it tone on tone and offset it with a soft white like Cotton (C2-836), or add another more ethereal neutral like Seraph (C2-992) for a peaceful mood enhancer.

Timeless & Traditional 

Traditional "baby" paint colors don't have to be boring! Of course, variations on these colors can make them more modern, but at the core, these classic hues elicit feelings of comfort, security, and coziness. Pink is both feminine and calming and blue, which is the most popular color in the world, can parlay calm and confidence depending on the tone. Even yellows and lavenders fall into the more traditional category and can be equally intriguing. Try any of these modern takes on the classics:

These nuanced, traditional colors will stand the test of time and can mature alongside your child.

Modern Mix

Image via Crate & Barrel

Creating a modern, streamlined atmosphere is very appealing to some parents so that the room can transform from baby to teen with a few decor updates (art, bedding, adding a school desk). Consider using unique shapes or modern prints and colors or using texture to add warmth and depth. Color blocking is also an effective way to add color in a modern way. 

Bold, Unexpected Accents

Image via

Preparing for the unexpected is par for the course when having a baby, so why not apply that to your design approach? Consider adding color and/or pattern on the ceiling or creating an accent wall with fabulous wallpaper. You can add some personality without making the room seem too overstimulating, yet also engaging. After all, we want that baby to sleep!

View the full Modern Nursery palette here!

As we always suggest: follow your own path, trust your intuition, do your research, and note (or pin) what inspires you..Here’s our  Pinterest board for more baby room inspiration!

Contact Philippa (aka Pippa)here to help her guide you through the design and color process. 

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