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It’s that time of year again for C2 Paint to release their Palette Preview of the year.

After surveying their dealer network – that spans across North America – and consulting with interior designers, they created a timeless, harmonious palette that represents the delicate dichotomy between the boldness and serenity of the sand and sea.

“This palette represents our desire to reconvene with the beauty of nature. Its natural grace and harmony allow us to recharge, reconnect and reignite our creativity – and our humanity. Nature is, after all, the greatest curator of color,” said Philippa Radon, colorist for C2 Paint.”
– designer Phillipa Radon

From the frothy warmth of Milk Moustache, to the sandy, camel notes of Karmato the mysterious green-blue shades of Churchilland Mediterranean, each tone welcomes the beauty of the outdoors into the home.

Churchill (C2-730)

This rich, invigorating blue exudes boldness and independence, offering a perfect color for any room that requires focus and energy. Its saturation prevails in both low and bright light lending a fresh, playful appeal. At the same time, it subtly dances between blue and green, offering a sense of serenity.

Karma (C2-635)

Like the classic trench coat, Karma is both sophisticated and timeless. Its golden undertones, created by a mixture of reds, yellows and umbers, add a regal air, representing a desire to return to timeless sensibilities and fashionable accents that never go out of style.

“The enduring elegance of our full spectrum colors lies in their versatility. While each color has a distinct overall character, the complexity of the formulas creates layers and subtle shadings that make them more ethereal and responsive to the colors around them. This creates a natural sense of beauty and balance, which makes color selection easy and engaging.”
– Tom Hill, president, C2 Paint

Mediterranean (C2-709)

Inspired by the bold beauty of the deep blue sea, this dramatic tone is both sexy and moody, illustrating the complexity and resilience of the ocean. This modern, jewel tone adds an instant sophistication as it confirms its place as a new classic.

Milk Moustache (C2-692)

This modern, versatile white contains a subtle warmth that illuminates any room and provides the perfect contrast to deeper tones. A complex neutral, it immediately adds an air of elegance and timelessness to any space.

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