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7 simple projects to get you holiday-ready and impress your guests!

The holiday season is upon us, and that means there will be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, and of course, our homes need to look beautiful and holiday-ready for all of the festivities! We’ve put together a list of simple projects that can give your home a dramatic refresh with minimal effort, so you can spend less time prepping, and more time roasting chestnuts by the open fire!

1. Give the guest room a fresh coat of paint.

With the arrival of the holiday season comes the arrival of the in-laws and additional familial guests. Providing a refreshed, relaxing space to unwind after that elaborate dinner will add a special touch to make their holidays merry, bright — and also relaxing. If you want a clean, neutral look, try Pearl (C2-852). If you want to make a more dramatic impact with a neutral, try Kasbah (C2-573).

2. Add wainscoting to your dining room.

If you’re looking for something a bit more permanent, wainscoting is a beautiful way to add dimension and interest to spaces large and small. It can completely transform a room and make it feel brand new! To save money on actual wainscoting, paint the wall 3 feet up from the bottom (try Sheer, C2-573), then buy large frames or moulding strips, paint them the same color, and glue along the wall to create the perfect illusion of expensive detailed craftsmanship. This will give your guests something stylish to chat about around the dinner table.

3. Update the paint on your front door.

Nothing gives your home a dramatic new look with minimal effort like painting the front door a refreshing new color! To spruce up your curb appeal, paint the exterior door something bold that compliments your siding. To refresh the interior of your house, paint the interior side of the door a color that will enhance the design and decor of the space. Painting the front door is something that can be changed so easily, you can even paint your door according to the season. For a festive front door try Topiary (C2-696).

4. Paint a piece of furniture.

Give a key piece of furniture new life by giving it some TLC before the holidays. Select a furniture piece that can make a statement, like an old credenza or a coffee table. Choose a bold color that will set the piece apart from the background. For example, if your walls are white, try painting your furniture piece a deep blue like Cordon Bleu (C2-774 ).

5. Use monogram accents.

Personalize your at home decor by adding monogrammed accent pieces like a pillow, a table runner, or anything you can think of! Adding small details like this will give your home that extra luxurious touch that will impress your holiday guests. Either freehand or use a stencil to paint your monogram. For a nice dark black, try Aperture (try C2-981).

6. Create a dramatic piece of art.

Even if you’re not a professional artist, you can still create an eye-catching piece of art that will draw the attention of your guests. Modern art can be very minimalistic, so only a few brushstrokes in your favorite C2 color would be enough to pull your room together. Try contrasting with your wall color for a dramatic effect, or play up your wall color with a monochromatic color scheme.

7. Get inspired!

Pull your favorite C2 take-home chips and create a unique, handcrafted palette that inspires you. Experiment with monochromatic color schemes, or go for contrasting palettes. Use this to inspire the color scheme of your next project.

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