Travel inspires us. It pushes us to venture into the unknown and to discover parts of us that we may have lost along the way as we juggle our bustling lives. Using travel to inspire your design sensibility is a great way to shake the dust off. Before starting your next project, we highly recommend taking a trip to offer you a new perspective and put you in a more relaxed state to get your creative juices flowing. So, for our first installment of “Where To,” we’re taking you on a trip to magical Mexico City.

According to KCRW, “Mexico City has become a magnet for designers and architects.” It’s not surprising. Rooted in a vibrant, colorful culture, it’s booming with high design and beauty that represents its history alongside modern elements. New architecture and industries are popping up everywhere “by architects such as Michel Rojkind and Alberto Kalach as well as ancient edifices dating back as far as the Aztec empire.”

Here’s a list of things to see and do while in Mexico City that will most definitely spark your creativity.

Museo Nacional de Antropología

Your first stop should be the Museo Nacional De Antropología. It’s a great starting point and provides a foundation to really understand the layered and rich culture of Mexico City, and its history.

Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo House Studio Museum

This is probably one of the most desired places to see in Mexico City by visitors. Take a tour through the studio and home of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, which was designed by the renowned Mexican artist and architect, Juan O’Gorman and completed in the 1930s. Filled with both artists’ works and lots of bright and bold color. Not to mention the glorious cactus fence that surrounds the property. It certainly makes for an appropriate Instagrammable moment.

Centro Histórico

Mexico City boasts the largest plaza in Latin America so there is a ton to see, do, and of course …eat. Since Mexico City is in its revitalization stage (and has been since the early 2000s), you will see many historic buildings — some that need some TLC and others that are progressive, contemporary designs.

Masa Design Gallery

To delve deeper into Mexico’s design scene, you must see the Masa exhibit. According to Dezeen, “Masa was launched this year by Mexico’s celebrated designer Hector Esrawe, art curator Cristobal Riestra, curator Age Salajõe and designer Brian Thoreen, along with Roberto Diaz Sesma and Isaac Bissu.” And it. Is. Phenomenal. It’s located in an abandoned mansion in the city’s Lomas neighborhood, which has been vacant since the 1970s. It features bold red walls and floors, large windows and a grand staircase featuring the artwork of 16 Mexico City-based designers and architects. You can catch it through April 13.

Photo by Jose Davila

Photo by Jose Davila

139 Schultz

Another really cool piece of must-see architecture is 139 Shultz, an apartment building designed by nearby studio, CPDA Arquitectos. It’s located in the city’s San Rafael neighborhood. The simple and beautiful red brick paired with a matching red-colored concrete is the reason we included this as a stop on your visit through Mexico City.

Photo by Jaime Navarro

Motín Coffee Shop

How could we not include another Instagrammable moment? Designed by local studio, Futura, this vivid pale pink and electric blue colored coffee shop is located in the trendy neighborhood, Colona Roma, an area known for its art and culinary scenes. Futura told Dezeen, “We wanted to create a space that felt cozy but full of color at the same time, a space that you would immediately want to share on Instagram,” said the studio. “Our goal was to design a place that was completely eye-candy.” We say: mission accomplished.

Photo by Rodrigo Chapa

Do you have Mexico City sights you love that are not mentioned here? Share with us in the comments!

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