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The Clean Slate of Modern Minimalism

Last year, we wrote a blog on the rise of Maximalism, a design style where more is more and bold patterns and saturated colors take center stage. As usual, the pendulum swings. As we look to 2021 and beyond, many are embracing a modern approach to Minimalism or “Human Minimalism,” where interior design is centered around the experience and sensory emotion generated by a space, with a keen eye toward nature, color, and light. 

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Believe it or not, Maximalism and Minimalism have a common thread: the curation of meaningful things -- from your favorite animal print to sourcing sustainable materials. They just show their love in different ways.

Because society and culture profoundly influence design, there seems to be a longing for simplicity -- a stripping down of over-manufactured and “throwaway” items -- and a more intense focus on quality materials, craftsmanship, and emotional connection. 

 Minimalism is proven to have a positive psychological impact on our brains. When esthetics are stripped down to the bare essentials, they each take on a well thought out purpose and place. 

Minimalism is a philosophy that requires a dramatic and conscious change in lifestyle.

Be aware: the initiation into this minimally styled world involves discipline -- and some serious purging of material belongings to shift that awareness to our values, nature, and a lifestyle where “being” overrides “having.” By regularly asking, “Does this add value to my life?” people are left with possessions that either serve a purpose or bring joy. 

How to Get Started: Designing a Minimal Interior


1. Change Your Perspective: 

Change your mindset. Change your life.

It’s essential to look at Minimalism as less of a design style and more of a way of life. Living with intention means that you take the time to focus on what brings you joy visually, emotionally, spiritually. The process of stripping away what is not serving you is a rewarding practice at any time of the year, especially as a new one begins. 

TRY: The app Headspace to learn how to bring about inner peace and clarity through meditation techniques. Even a few minutes a day dedicated to your mental health creates lasting positive effects. 

2. Careful Curation

Acorn shelf from

This is where design truly reflects your personality. Honor those things that bring you joy and reflect your true self, and give the others away. Ask yourself how they serve your ultimate purpose. 

TRY: A floating (and illuminated) shelf to showcase a collection of something prized or authentically treasured, like colored glassware or heirloom objects.

3. Warm Colors

Add warmth to your home through color

Most people automatically assume that white is the favored color across the board, but modern Modern Minimalism features warmer, muted colors with richness and depth. 

TRY: Some of our favorite warm neutrals to help you create a tranquil space that feels embracing, grounded, and connected. 

4. Natural Materials

Sustainability is a prominent tenant of this since the focus is on being at one with yourself and nature and less on the acquisition of “things.”

TRY: Merging metals with warmer feeling materials like wood

5. Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

See more of this project by Sivak + Partners on

Because minimalism in philosophy pays homage to nature and simplicity, there is a focus on spaces that merge the indoors and outdoors. 

TRY: Tall floor-to-ceiling windows and soft drapery in a natural texture to create a peaceful transition

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